Complete visibility for all types of networks, allowing users to observe and be alerted about a wide range of data in transit in his network.

At a glance

Full Visibility (L2/L7)
Real time 100Gbit/s
Virtual Machine observability
Performance control
Contextualized alerts
Network security features

Overview of the product

Identifying the cause of a security incident or a loss of performance is all the more important your Netops / Secops & Cloudops teams as the consequences for users are immediate and sharp. With customizable alerts and customized dashboards, n.Scope provides you with all the relevant information on the health of your systems. Today, it’s the only solution capable of finely monitoring the performance and security of all NetOps / SecOps & CloudOps operations on your network.

Key benefits

  • Single pane of glass dashboards

  • Easy incident remediation

  • Smart alerting features

  • Network states comparison

How it works

NANO Corp. develops network packet capture and analysis solutions working onCOTS hardware and easily deployed on any type of networks. The intel they provide gives n.Scope an uncompromising broad spectrum visibility (North-South; East-West) on the most complex high-speed IT infrastructures.