.Rewind is a network packet capture software recording network flows from 1 to 100Gbit/s.
Thanks to its smart-filter features, it can record selected parts of a network flow. Its smart buffer capability also allows it to record 60s of network flow data prior to being triggered.

At a glance

Network packet capture from 1 to 100Gbit/s
Recording replay full of filtered PCAP
Smart buffer : up to 60 secondes for 100Gbit/s network
Filter trigger
API Trigger
All OS/Hardware compatibility

Overview of the product

n.Rewind records the fastest network flows (100Gbit/s) at a sustained rate. By identifying and filtering complex protocol chains (L2/L7) like multiple tunneling and multiplexed protocols, it lightens overhead and makes network packet capture easy to use. Using complete and precise packet captures yields comprehensive understanding of your network dynamics, strengths and weaknesses and helps anticipating changes.
  • Make samples of your networks

    for audit and quality control

  • Anomaly analyzes

    to help pinpoint malfunctions on your network

  • Forensic analysis

    and storing network prints during cyber attacks


Reliable and easy to use, n.Rewind can be integrated into any information system. It allows you to capture any type of traffic (Ethernet, telecom protocol etc…). Through its API, it can be interfaced with analysis and security applications locally or remotely.
Fixed deployment
Installed on site in a data center or at company’s headquarter, n.Rewind supports and strengthens cybersecurity policies. It supports the continuous improvements of evolving and developing IT infrastructures.
Mobile deployment
Thanks to its small hardware footprint, n.Rewind can be quickly deployed anywhere. Easily moved wherever you want to achieve targeted captures of operational network flow. Using n.Rewind in that fashion will increase IDS/IPS capacity as well as provide a detailed mapping of network activity for forensic and analysis purposes.